Aleksandar shishman

Alexander Shishman (locally Aleksandar II Shishman) was the first Voivode of the Princedom of Bulgaria. Appointed by Mehmed II as a governor over the Princedom on November 11th, 1444, he led the state to its independence in 1449 in the Bulgarian War for Independence. Officially the first de jure ruler of Bulgaria, Aleksandar annexed many of the surrounding princedoms into his territory, most notably the Kingdoms of Bosnia, Serbia, and the Princedom of Albania.

Early LifeEdit

Aleksandar spent the first 15 years of his life training as a servant to the Ottoman Sultans during the fall of Byzantium. Having gained much experience in the art of administration and diplomacy, he was assigned as governor to the provinces of Hamid and Karahisar on November 18th, 1437. After having spent seven years serving alongside Medmed II's father, he was assigned the governor of the Princedom of Bulgaria, a newly created buffer state between the Ottomans and Hungary. Aleksandar spent countless days roaming the streets of the towns around the capital city, studying the population's opinions on his rule and Ottoman overlord-ship. During this time, he met his wife, Sofija Dulo, a lesser noble of the Dulo family. In 1446, Aleksandar had his first child, Kasimira, and named her the successor of his title as ruler of the Princedom of Bulgaria. In the following years, Sofija bore two sons, both of which were denied succession to replace Kasimira's title.

War for Independence Edit

Following the declaration of war between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire on March 2nd, 1449, as well as the countless riots from Byzantine citizens in Bulgaria, Aleksandar entered the war on the side of Byzantium, thus starting the Bulgarian War for Independence and the Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople.

Not having much experience in the art of warfare, Aleksandar left the army in charge of Vladimir Sorkochovich, a renowned warrior and tactician who served beside Mehmed II's father in his conquests. In the first month, Vladimir marched 15,000 men to the walls of Edirne - the Ottoman capital - unopposed, thus engaging in a year-long siege of the city. By this time, the Kindgom of Hungary had entered the war on the side of Bulgaria and was lending aid to Aleksander's reserve army in skirmishes along the border. The two armies of Aleksandar and Mehmed II met in the plains of Burgas, with Aleksandar decisively crushing the Ottoman army whilst outnumbered 2:1, and sending them in full retreat to the Anatolian coast. With the Balkan countryside rid of Ottoman influence, Vladimir quickly occupied the remaining territory, setting up defenses along the strait which allowed the Ottoman army to cross. With the Byzantines successfully pushing Mehmed II further into Anatolia, Mehmed II was forced to sign a peace with Aleksandar, granting the Princedom of Bulgaria full independence, as well as all of the occupied territory on the Balkan coast.